Choosing a Veterinarian and Veterinary Practice for Dental Care and other Veterinary Care Needs!

When choosing a veterinarian and veterinary hospital, be very selective!  Learn some critical issues of standards of care and interview the staff and veterinarians about those issues.  If they don’t answer or communicate in a way that meets your expectations … Read More »

Dr. Luttinen’s first week on the job as a veterinarian in 2001: pink nail polish, a corneal ulcer, and Marley!

While carrying a dozen veterinary journals and a surgery textbook in my right hand and my laptop bag in my left, I entered the back of Snohomish Veterinary Hospital (SVH) to begin my 4th day as a licensed veterinarian.  I … Read More »

Instrument Milk: Dr. Luttinen’s personal reflection on his first day working at a veterinary hospital!

There are many times in my personal and professional life that I’ve experienced what many people refer to the “it”!   We all sort of know and/or have experienced what that “it” is but it eludes description.  It’s that “magical” moment … Read More »

Food Safety and Our Pets

Food safety for people and pets has become an important area of concern and confusion. Problems with pet food can arise from toxic substances that are introduced to the ingredients before or during the manufacturing process. Bacteria can contaminate the … Read More »

4th of July Safety for Pets in Bremerton

It’s that time of year again when American’s band together to celebrate with food, fireworks, and family fun! As you finalize your plans for this Thursday’s big bang, take a moment to consider how your furry family members may view … Read More »

Skin Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Is your pet constantly scratching, licking or shaking his or her ears? Do you have signs of hay fever such as sniffing or sneezing? You and your dog or cat may share allergic reactions to seasonal pollen, mold, dust or … Read More »