Recommended Dental Treatment For Your Pets

A very large part of our practice is treating periodontal (dental disease). As many of you know, we take this role and our Standards of Care very seriously. The two most common obstacles we face in order to be able to provide the needed care for dogs and cats are 1) the fear of anesthesia and 2) costs.

One area that has become “trendy” as some groomers and some pet stores offer “non-anesthesia dentals”. The American College of Veterinary Dentists strongly urge clients to not allow this method of dental care as it is considered negligent and is a form of malpractice. There have been dozens and dozens of malpractice cases as determined by the AVMA PLIT (professional liability insurance trust). In short, we recommend that you pursue methods that employ Standards of care to reduce risk and increase the best outcome: which the goals are pain free and infection free mouth and teeth.

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