4th of July Safety for Pets in Bremerton

It’s that time of year again when American’s band together to celebrate with food, fireworks, and family fun! As you finalize your plans for this Thursday’s big bang, take a moment to consider how your furry family members may view this holiday.

For many, the 4th of July holiday is the first excuse to dust off the grill and cook up some good ol’ BBQ. Whether your favorite grill item is hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled salmon, or steaks the temptation is always there to share the love with our pooches. While a little taste seems pretty harmless, most of these foods are too rich for dogs and can result in a number of conditions ranging from an upset stomach and diarrhea to more serious conditions like pancreatitis. So help keep your pets safe this holiday by holding off on the human treats and instead keep them involved in the celebrations by playing with their favorite toy or giving an extra dog-friendly treat.

Later, after finishing off that last slice of apple pie or strawberry shortcake, we all start turning our attention to the stars. While fireworks are a time honored tradition and a fun way to celebrate with friends and family, your dog or cat may not be so keen on the idea. Noise phobia is a common problem this time of year and your pet may respond to the noise by hiding, pacing, vocalizing or even running away. We receive calls every day asking how we can help keep our furry friends from spending 4th of July under the bed. There are many options available for keeping dogs and cats comfortable this coming week and we have to keep in mind that in many neighborhoods fireworks will be used for more than the one day. As you embark on the evening festivities take a moment to consider how to keep your dog or cat safe by ensuring that they are kept a safe distance away from the fireworks and have access to a location where they feel secure.

So before we head into the holiday weekend, take a moment to think about how you can make this 4th of July safe for all involved, including our furry friends. Give us a call to discuss which foods to avoid at this year’s grill-out or to determine if anti-anxiety medications could benefit your dog or cat as we kick off the festivities.

Have a safe and fun-filled 4th of July!

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